Light & Healthy Lamb Stroganoff

Lamb Stroganoff

Tasty, low fat and yummy food for the soul, and kinder to the hips.


Serves 2

Approx. 300 calories per serving


Just a few minor adjustments and Bobs your uncle, in fact I think it tastes even better, give it a try and let us know.



300g Lamb neck filletRead More »

5 Bhoy’s Curry

5 Bhoy's curryThis is a very simple but very tasty, it is also ideal to make ahead of time to reheat after the game.

Serves 2

Approx 400 calories per serving




4 chicken thighs, skin removedRead More »

Rick Stein’s India ~ cookbook road test

Having watch the series several times on our name sake TV channel I though it time to get the book, it has been out for a while so there are some bargains to be had, click on the book for a link.

Being a big fan of Ricks I have quite a few of his books and I was a little  disappointed in this one, the food looks amazing on TV, and having made half a dozen or more of the recipes and stopped there, they were just not hitting the mark. I initially though maybe it was me, but I have been cooking Indian food for years, with some disasters but mostly successes……Read More »

Traditional Indian Cooking by Ramola Parbhoo ~ cookbook road test

I have been cooking Indian food for years and I am constantly on the prowl for any tip or tricks that can improve my food. This book is an absolute gem, and in my mind it is one of the best and is kept close to hand.

Before you rush in to cooking, get yourself a cup of something sit down and have a read through.

The red and green masalas are now a permanent fixture in my fridge now, they are so versatile I use them in all sorts of dishes not only Indian cooking, I used the red masala in a Italian pasta dish the other night….Read More »

Curry by Vivek Singh ~ cookbook road test

I was given this book as a present, it is an interesting read that brings together curries from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa and the Caribbean.

So I was looking for something different to do with a pork chop and tried the Pork chop bhooni, this is the sort of food I like, a little time spent preparing for something tasty.Read More »